Monday, 4 March 2013

How to Prevent Users from Accessing Sitecollection in SharePoint 2010

Have you ever wondered how you could deny access for users on a Sharepoint 2010 site. I had a need i wanted to make a site not to be accessible for the users, luckly I had the root site configured on a site-collection level.  In SharePoint 2010 there is a setting where you can make users on a site Collection from adding any content, making it Read-Only or Denying Access.

Step 1.
Navigate to Central Admin >Application Management > Configure Quotas and Locks

Step 2.
Select the Site Collection you want to Lock,  appropriate Option you like. Here you can select to make it "Read-Only" "No Access" or prevent users from adding content

Step 3.

Type in "Additional Lock Information

Step 4.
Click OK

Now when the users try to access the site, they will be forbidden.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Site Action Menu Styling in SharePoint 2010

You might be a bit frustrated if you have tried the Site Action button styling, there are lot of things you can do to achieve really good look and feel. You could easily achieve this by the below following steps :

Here i have changed the whole Ribbon control to White color and the Site Action Button style changes when you hover over the mouse. Have a look on these elements and you can easily make the color changes to the one you desire :

Style Code

<style type="text/css">

#s4-ribbonrow {
BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff !important;
#RibbonContainer .ms-cui-tt-span {
COLOR: #000
.ms-siteactionsmenu .ms-menu-a SPAN {
COLOR: #000
.ms-siteactionsmenu .ms-siteactionsmenuhover {
BACKGROUND: #C0C0C0!important;

Step 1.
You can apply the above style in the master page if you have access, if not drag and drop a Content Editor Webpart and add the styles on the HTML you should be able to get a new look and feel on your site.

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