Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Scheduling in SharePoint Calendar

I will outline  on how to Schedule in SharePoint calendar, I have explained an article on how to integrate SharePoint calendars with outlook  which you can find here :

If you have started working in SharePoint calendars you would have noticed that it is a bit difficult to find the schedules of other people in SharePoint calendar , you have to check that in outlook and then come to SharePoint to add an event it will add up the hassle if it's a meeting workspace. If you want to know more on how to configure SharePoint meeting workspace look on this article : http://sharepointlogics.com/2012/04/how-to-use-configure-meeting-workspace.html
OK so back to Scheduling, follow the below steps, this is basically a workaround as SharePoint does not support out of the box  view of Schedules of other people.

Step 1.

Open up Outlook > Go to the SharePoint Calendar > Click on the day which you wish to Schedule in SharePoint Calendar
Step 2.
Click on Actions > View Group Schedules
Step 3.
Click New > Type in a name "My team" >  Add the names yow want to view the schedules  > click on Make meeting > New Meeting  with All

This will create a new meeting on your SharePoint Calendar >, Click on Meeting WorkSpace > if you want a meeting workspace > In the bottom of the mail you can see the event is getting created in the SharePoint Calendar

In this way you can use SharePoint Calendar to create events, meetings and with this workaround you can also view the Schedules of other people.
Happy SharePointing…. Do feed me back..

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