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Unable to see SharePoint 2010 Filter Webparts

Where you trying to Add SharePoint 2010 Filter Webpart and it says it is added however not visible on the page? Did you feel like .... Well what is happening?

I felt the same and i thought this was some issues with the features which needs to be activated however No..... this is a Bug !!

So can't i use it ? Yes you can and there is a workaround - Don't worry it is straight forward this time :

Follow the below 1 simple step :

To see the filter web part you'll need to select “Edit Web Part" for any of the existing web parts you already have on the page. You can then see the newly added filter web parts you have added to the page and also configure them.
Well...that was easy ? Is'nt it?

Excel Service in SharePoint 2010

How to add and use Excel Service and Excel web access webparts in SharePoint 2010?

Excel Service is a very useful feature in SharePoint 2010 you can do the below things and many more by using this
You can use to display Excel worksheet as a webpage for the usersYou can restrict Access to specific worksheets in an Excel workbook and display only the once needed to the users
You can even show a specific named item in a worksheet, so lets say you want to show only one table you created in the worksheet or a set of cells you can do that even !!!
Doesn't this sound exciting ? Lets crack on…...
         Lets first see how to Display a workbook in an Excel Web Access Web Part

You can display an Excel workbook on a dashboard or other site page by connecting the workbook to an Excel Web Access Web Part. You can customize the appearance and functionality of Excel Web Access Web Parts, and you can connect them to other Web Parts for data analysis tasks such as filter…