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SharePoint 2010 Branding / Customisation

I will show you how to do some basic customisation on a SharePoint 2010 Publishing site, and then to make a few tweaks on the "CSS" file on the SharePoint page.

I have created a simple Sharepoint 2010 Publishing site and have used SharePoint Designer 2010 to edit the Master Page and create a simple Top banner and make a slight change on the Quick launch menu, adding some simple image and links on the left side.I will detail this out over here so that you can start experimenting.
Primiarily i used Sharepoint 2010 Designer for this and its freely downloadable as you know :

Lets go step by step :

Step 1
Once you created a site with the "Publishing Template" you can also verify your Master Page by going to the SP 2010 site and Go to Site Action > Site Settings > Look and Feel > Master PageHere you can see SP 2010 by default use "Nightandday.master" page as the default Master Page.

Step 2
The Css file associated with this Master page is "nightandd…