Sharepoint Maintenance Page

Recently I got a requirement asking me to create a "Maintenance Page" in my Sharepoint Farm for a new Release.
I was trying to set a simple "Offline.htm" page in IIS and setting it as the default page in the Documents, but unfortunately this would never work as in a regular .Net application. Done a bit research and found a good article of Scott Guthrie. I would walk through the steps to get this done -
Step 1.Create a page "App_Offline.htm" in the Root Site - When see this page it would unload the AppDomain for the application and would render this page.
However, there is a catch, I was trying to do this the application was down but the page was not rendered instead I was getting a 404, found out this was because if the content in the ".htm" page is less than 512 bytes IE would only render the custom error page.

Step 2.
Make the Page size greater than the limit, something similar to this- Bingo !!! and it should work .


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