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Synchronization Issue in Sharepoint 2007 Servers


I got a small farm environment - 2 WFE's and 1 SQL Server. The Central Admin is configured on WFE-1, Every time I create a New Website it actually throws the error "Request Timed Out" in the end - and then we could see the application created on WFE-1 and not on WFE-2. I finally manage to find the error message from 12/LOGS (No error message in eventviewr) but not sure how to move on - Could anyone please help.
Error -
08/25/2009 16:32:16.42 w3wp.exe (0x09F8)0x16C0 Windows SharePoint ServicesGener al8nca Verbose Application error when access /_admin/extendvs.aspx, Error=Request timed out.

Here are my findings -
Analyzed Log files on Event Viewer

- App Logs - No Luck
- Sys Logs – No Luck
Analyzed Sharepoint Logs
- Timer Job Logs - No Logs
- Timer Job definition – Showed up Job failures Errors on WFE2 – (Bit relief some errors)
- 12 Logs started logging in errors after setting changes in CA
08/25/2009 16:32:16.42 w3wp.exe (0x09F8) 0x16C0 W…