Thursday, 27 August 2009

Synchronization Issue in Sharepoint 2007 Servers


I got a small farm environment - 2 WFE's and 1 SQL Server. The Central Admin is configured on WFE-1, Every time I create a New Website it actually throws the error "Request Timed Out" in the end - and then we could see the application created on WFE-1 and not on WFE-2. I finally manage to find the error message from 12/LOGS (No error message in eventviewr) but not sure how to move on - Could anyone please help.
Error -
08/25/2009 16:32:16.42 w3wp.exe (0x09F8)0x16C0 Windows SharePoint ServicesGener al8nca Verbose Application error when access /_admin/extendvs.aspx, Error=Request timed out.

Here are my findings -
Analyzed Log files on Event Viewer

- App Logs - No Luck
- Sys Logs – No Luck
Analyzed Sharepoint Logs
- Timer Job Logs - No Logs
- Timer Job definition – Showed up Job failures Errors on WFE2 – (Bit relief some errors)
- 12 Logs started logging in errors after setting changes in CA
08/25/2009 16:32:16.42 w3wp.exe (0x09F8) 0x16C0 Windows SharePoint Services General 8nca Verbose Application error when access /_admin/extendvs.aspx, Error=Request timed out.
Started Suspecting on WSS Timer Service thought it might not have proper permission privileges for Site Creation on WFE2
- Analyzed Permissions on IISMetabase - No Luck
- Analyzed Permissions on WWWRoot – No Luck
- Found KB -
- Reset Farm Service Account – No Luck 
- Reset Farm Content Account – No Luck 
Every time when trying to create a new Website in WFE1 it throws an Error saying “Request Time Out “and creates the site only on WFE1 – I tried to extend the site and to my surprise it Synchronized in both the WFE’s creating the Root site and Extended site as well – This put me into more confusion; coz I was always suspecting the permissions on WSS Timer service.
Disconnected WFE2 from the farm
- Disconnected Reconnected – No Luck 
- Database Synch – No Luck 
Configured Central Admin on WFE2

Installed CA on both the WFE servers :
1. Run the PSConfig on the WFE1 until you see the Advanced button on one of the screens, click on it. Select the option of using this server for Central Admin. Click next and be done with it.
2. Repeat the same on WFE2.
Locate the following in Registry Editor and change the CentralAdministrationURL value to the desired server.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Web Server Extensions\12.0\WSS.
And that fixed it - Websites are getting created and synchronizing on both the WFE’s now………..

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