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How to Enable anonymous access in SharePoint 2007

Even though Microsoft has done a great job on improving the user interface in SharePoint 2007, some things are still buried and require a little “black magic” to get done. In this entry I’ll show you how to enable anonymous access on your site.
First, you need to enable anonymous on the IIS web site (called a Web Application in SharePoint land). This can be done by:
+ Launching Internet Information Services Manager from the Start -> Administration Tools menu Select the web site, right click and select Properties Click on the Directory Security tab Click on Edit in the Authentication and access control sectionInstead we’ll do it SharePoint style using the Central Administration section:
+ Then get to your portal. Then under “My Links” look for “Central Administration” and select it. In the Central Administration site select “Application Management” either in the Quick Launch or across the top tabs Select “Authentication Providers” in the “Application Security” section Click on the “Def…