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How to uninstall MOSS from a Farm

If you want to wipe out and create a new MOSS Farm here are the steps

+ Run the Configuration Wizard and, on the second page, select Disconnect from this server farm and click Yes on the warning dialog. This will delete the IIS web site and the application pool.

+ Then, run the uninstall from the Control Panel's Features and Programs application and click Yes on the warning dialog. This will take a reboot.

+ Then, if you really want to get rid of it all, go to the database server and delete the Config and Admin Content databases

Alternatively you can also disconnect the central admin from the 12 hive using cmd line if nothing works:

psconfig -cmd adminvs -unprovision

psconfig -cmd configdb -disconnect

Implement Form Based Authentication


The purpose of this document is to provide the step by step information about enabling the Form Based Authentication (FBA) for MOSS 2007 site. MOSS 2007 sites uses windows authentication by default. But some business needs form based authentication to fulfill the requirements.

Below section explains to enable Form Authentication for MOSS 2007 site.

Setting up ASP.Net 2.0 Forms Authentication User and Role Data Source

This section explains creation of database which is used to store user's information such as credentials and roles which is used for Form Authentication. This section also explains the configuration of Membership and Role providers in the web.config file and creation of users using ASP.Net configuration wizard. This article shows creating a user and which will be used for testing Form Authentication later.

Create Database

To create database, Microsoft has provided a tool/ utility called aspnet_regsql.exe that creates a database for us. This utility can be foun…

Unable to display this Web Part

"Unable to display this Web Part. To troubleshoot the problem, open this Web page in a Windows SharePoint Services-compatible HTML editor such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer. If the problem persists, contact your Web server administrator"

I was with this wierd problem, when i got a migration project from 2003 to 2007 . I was trying to create DataView Webpart from a List. I created the List in the site and then DVWP from it, all went fine. I imported both into my Test Server from Dev,OOOOpppsssssssss it broke throwing the error.

It took almost 2 days finding all possible solutions to fix it none worked ,ya finally googled got lots of hits but none was feasible for me.

Finally i got an incredible simple solution

The cause for this problem is a Sharepoint 2007 Designer BUG !!!! ,if you create a DVWP in Sharpeoint designer 2007 it will append the GUID of the LIST in the code and would link to DVWP, if you try to create a new List it will always create a new G…