Monday, 19 January 2009


In this article I would take you through a 5 step process to create a new Search Site and then link that to your existing Team sites.

Step 1 : Create a New Site collection for Search Site, go to Central Administration > Application Management > Create Site Collection , select the template “Enterprise” and then “Search center with Tabs”.

Step 2 : Create an SSP (Shared Service Provider) once its created it will automatically gather all the default sites and will grab new sites created. If you want to create a new SSP you can go to the Central Admin > Application Management > Manage this Farm's Shared Services > Create SSP

Step 3 : Create a Content Source, SharePoint would already have created a default Content Source “Local Office SharePoint Server sites” which will be set by default pointing to all the created sites and the newly created sites but if you want to create specific Content Source you can do that in the Central Admin > Shared Services Admin > Click on the SSP, in the SSP site > Search Settings > Content Sources >New Content Source

Step 4 : Create a Scope which would be set by default , but if you need specific scope you might need to add it in the SSP site > Search Settings > View Scopes >New Scope .

Step 5 : So Once you create a Search Center Site all you need to is a bit Crawling and that’s it your SharePoint Search Site is ready. Go to the SSP Site > Search Setting > Content sources and crawl schedules > Hover over the SSP (Default - Content sources and crawl schedules) > Click on the Drop Down > Start Full Crawling.

And that’s it wait for some time (5 min) for sharepoint to Cache go to your Search Site its ready for Search.

Now the big question how will you link the search site to the Teams sites or other sites?

Go to the specific Site (Teamsites) where you want to set the search click on Site Action > Site Setting > Search Setting add the specific Search site’s result page you have created ( http://xsearch.lsc.local/Pages/results.aspx ) , point to the results page to get the search output.
That’s it Your site is ready for Search.

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