Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Mandatory Services for Sharepoint (MOSS)

Here are the List of Sharepoint Services which are mandatory on MOSS Farm enviornment
SharePoint Core Services
+Windows SharePoint Services Web Application
+Windows SharePoint Services Search
+Windows SharePoint Services Incoming E-Mail
+Windows SharePoint Services Outgoing E-Mail
+Windows SharePoint Services Administration
+Windows Sharepoint Services Timer
+Windows Sharepoint Servcies Tracing
+Office SharePoint Server Search
+OfficeDocument Conversions Load Balancer Service
+Office Document Conversions Launcher Service Central Administration
IIS Core Services
+IIS Admin Service
+World Wide Web Publishing Service
+SMTP Service (required if using SMTP Service)

Thursday, 20 November 2008

How to Deploy the assembly using Wsp Package

The preferred way to provision your features, web parts and assemblies is by creating a Solution Package (.wsp file). You will add add your assembly, the manifest.xml file and all your other components and resources into the cabinet.
You will need to add the following entry into the manifest.xml

DeploymentTarget The depoloyment target is location where the assembly will be copied to and can ether be the bin folder of the WebApplication or it could be the GlobalAssemblyCache (GAC)Location The location of the assembly within the cabinet file. SafeControl A SafeControl element entry as described at the beginning of the post.
Using this method, your assembly will be correctly deployed the servers in the farm as well as added to the safe controls of the web application. Again any new server added to the farm will automatically get all the solution packages deployed.

Friday, 7 November 2008

How to disable "New Folder" command on the New menu in a List ?

If you are bugged with users creating "New Folder" in your list and if you want to disable the "New Folder" option then you can tweak the parameters in the List Element - "FolderCreation" to "NO" and that's it its all done. There are other parameters in the List which you can look for more Information.
AllowDeletion = "TRUE" "FALSE"
AllowEveryoneViewItems = "TRUE" "FALSE"
AlwaysIncludeContent = "TRUE" "FALSE"
BaseType = "0" "1" "2" "3" "4"
CacheSchema = "TRUE" "FALSE"
Catalog = "TRUE" "FALSE"
Category = "Libraries" "Communications" "Tracking" "Custom Lists" Default = "TRUE" "FALSE"
Description = "Text"
DisableAttachments = "TRUE" "FALSE"
DisallowContentTypes = "TRUE" "FALSE"
DisplayName = "Text"
DocumentTemplate = "Integer"
DontSaveInTemplate = "TRUE" "FALSE"
EditPage = "Text"
EnableModeration = "TRUE" "FALSE"
FeatureId = "Text"
FolderCreation = "TRUE" "FALSE"
Hidden = "TRUE" "FALSE"
HiddenList = "TRUE" "FALSE"
Image = "URL"
MustSaveRootFiles = "TRUE" "FALSE"
Name = "Text"
NewPage = "Text" NoCrawl = "TRUE" "FALSE"
OnQuickLaunch = "TRUE" "FALSE" Path = "Text"
RootWebOnly = "TRUE" "FALSE"
SecurityBits = "Text"
Sequence = "Integer" S
etupPath = "Text" SyncType = "Text" Type = "Integer" Unique = "TRUE" "FALSE" UseRootFolderForNavigation = "TRUE" "FALSE"
VersioningEnabled = "TRUE" "FALSE">
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