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Windows SharePoint Services Overview

Windows SharePoint Services allows teams to create Web sites for information sharing and document collaboration, benefits that help increase individual and team productivity. Windows SharePoint Services is a component of the Windows Server 2003 information worker infrastructure and provides team services and sites to Microsoft Office System and other desktop programs. It also serves as a platform for application development. Including such IT resources as portals, team workspaces, e-mail, presence awareness, and Web-based conferencing, Windows SharePoint Services enables users to locate distributed information quickly and efficiently, as well as connect to and work with others more productively.
How Windows SharePoint Services Works
Windows SharePoint Services sites take file storage to a new level, providing communities for team collaboration and making it easy for users to work together on documents, tasks, contacts, events, and other information. In addition, team and site managers c…

SharePoint Product Key .

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SharePoint Installation 2007

In this post, I'll demonstrate with words and screen shots how to install and get working a portal using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Installing this product is not difficult, but it does require some forethought and planning. You can use this post as a reference for getting your version of MOSS 2007 installed.
You need to have downloaded the software from Microsoft's site. For information on how to do that, please go here. Once you have registered and downloaded the software, you're ready to start.
First, you'll need Windows 2003 Server, fully patched and ready to go. I believe I've seen blog postings recently that indicate that you can install MOSS07 on a Vista server. I'll leave that discussion for other threads and posts.
Once you have the operating system ready to go, you'll want to start by running the setup.exe for MOSS 2007. Figure 1 illustrates that after you start the installation process, you'll need to enter a valid product identifi…