Create a SharePoint list from an existing list or from Excel

Lists from listsYou can create a list from all existing lists within any site where you’re an editor.  When the new list is created, the entire list structure is copied, including forms, formatting, and custom metadata columns.   (Content will not be copied.) Creating a list from other lists Figure 1 - Creating a list from other lists Lists from ExcelTo create a list from Excel, you can select a table from your most recent Excel files in SharePoint or OneDrive.  You can change the field type of the column if needed, and all your table data will be copied to the new lists.
Mapping Excel data to the new list

Multi-geo capabilities for SharePoint and Office 365 Groups

Multi-geo capabilities for SharePoint and Office 365 are designed to meet even the most complex data residency requirements. Today we announced multi-geo capabilities for SharePoint and Office 365 Groups are generally available, which means you can get started right away.

These new multi-geo capabilities allow you to store your SharePoint and Office 365 Groups mailbox/sites data in one or more worldwide locations to satisfy data sovereignty requirements specific to those locations.

How to set search on a specific Document library in SharePoint Online

Applies to SharePoint Online / O365
If you have a requirement for to show search results from a specific Document library, here are the things you can do

Step 1.

Add a Search box
Step 2.
On the Search box > Properties > Send queries to a Custom search result >  Provide the URL >{contexturl}
This is the new result page you will be creating in Step 3

Step 3.

Create a Search result page (any new page) and add a Search result webpart

Step 4.

Search Results Property > Search Criteria > Change Query > You can add the below in query text 
To set the scope to a document library add "Path" and the path to exclude a path use "-Path"
Eg - 
{searchboxquery} Path:   -Path=
Step 5.
Run the "Test Query" and confirm the result set 
All …

Exclude accounts from the SharePoint online search results

Implemented on SharePoint Online
Business asked me to fix the SharePoint Online search site when it started pulling external users and showing System accounts.

Googled did'nt have much luck, spend hours.
Blogging as it will be usefull to someone. 
The key is use "Search Core Results" webpart and then fine tune the query to bring in results and filter and show.

SharePoint Online restricting Everyone and All users Sharing on people picker

I been asked to restring Sharing for the below from tenant level as there was a business reason to restrict users accidentally sharing site to all users or everyone, the below is the script i ran

Open SharePoint Online Management Shell

Run the below command to get it connected -


Connect-SPOService -Url   -Credential

Once connected run the below code, appropriate for your need

•Hide “All Users” form the Sharing window or People picker for entire SharePoint Online
        Set-SPOTenant -ShowAllUsersClaim $false

•Hide  “Everyone” form the Sharing window or People picker for entire SharePoint Online
        Set-SPOTenant -ShowEveryoneClaim $false

•Hide “Everyone Except External Users” in people picker (while sharing) for entire SharePoint Online
        Set-SPOTenant -ShowEveryoneExceptExternalUsersClaim $false

Hope this helps...

SharePoint 2013 Powershell Script for getting all Site collection Users

I had to find all the users of a site collection and write to a file,  to add to another site. I was looking for one but couldn't find any, this script will dump all the users into a file with a semicolumn so it will be a straight copy paste.


Add-PSSnapin "Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

[System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName(“Microsoft.SharePoint”) > $null
$SiteCollectionURL = "http://You site/collection name"
$site = new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite($SiteCollectionURL)
$web = $site.openweb()
$siteUsers = $web.SiteUsers

foreach($user in $siteUsers)

Write-Host "Site Collection URL:", $SiteCollectionURL
if($user.IsSiteAdmin -eq $true)
Write-Host "ADMIN: ", $user.LoginName 

  <# This will append all users on to a Text file 
  Add-Content c:\userlist.txt  $user.LoginName -Append #>

  <# This will append all users on to a Text file with no newline

Sorry we can't seem to connect to the sharepoint store

For those who are desperate to fix the SharePoint 2013 SharePoint Store issue, read on -

I had the same issue and i followed the article on the msdn to set up the store, all services started , configured the service application, set up the DNS however still SharePoint store saying "Sorry, we can't seem to connect the SharePoint store, Try again in a bit" .

If you are in the same state and if you are sure you have done everything else then start suspecting the proxy server. In my case the request which was going out from the SharePoint webfront end server was getting denied by the proxy server.

I took a fiddler trace and it started showing, 401 http error stating response header is 401 Unauthorized Header -

To prove and scope this again, give a simple test, Add a RSS webpart and configure an RSS feed on your SharePoint site and see if it is bringing in any results, if you are getting proxy errors then scope the problem more towards proxy server.

I did the same and i got …

SharePoint 2010 Menu Customisation

Here is an awesome menu customisation for SharePoint 2010. I used the Css to make it look like on the screenshot, i have uploaded the Css and the image file which you can download.

This post is basically an excerpt from the blog , i am reposting it. Link

Sometimes it’s the small details that matters most and makes the difference. This post is about how to customize the look and feel for the global navigation, one important element in the SharePoint interface. The navigation control renders a fairly deep HTML structure with a lot of classes to keep in mind when you need to set your branding on the top of it. Recently I built an Intranet branding where the agency had the desire to include a small arrow for selected links in the navigation. This CSS do also take care of drop downs, in the case you are using that. I hope this could be useful for you if you need to include graphics, like this arrow in the global navigation. Download

SharePoint Scrolling Announcement/ News Scroll for 2010/2013

I been asked to create a scrolling announcement for one of my SharePoint 2010 website and  thought it was straight forward however googling for a while i realised many solution have lots of script to be done and some not working, i finally found an easier way to do the same; i have spend many hours to make this happen, by posting this hope will save some of your time.

How does this work ? This uses Content Query webpart and fetch data from Announcement list (Yes any number of announcements can be scrolled) and will display on the site, Here is a screenshot -

If you like it and would want to implement it here are the  steps -

[I have done this and tested on SharePoint 2010 and IE 11/Chrome]

Step 1.
Create an Announcement list or use the one which is already in the SharePoint list (You can create any list as you wish)

Step 2.
Add a CQWP and fetch the item to display- in my case i set a new field called "Show Scroll" and in the CQWP filtered the items if set to Yes

Step 3.

I h…